FAQs for Students

How does Hendrickson Method® differ from deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy and spa massage?

1.Hendrickson Method is uniquely designed to treat acute injuries as well as chronic pain and dysfunction. By using advanced manual therapy techniques, including Wave Mobilization®, joint mobilization and muscle energy technique, swelling is reduced, range of motion is improved, and muscular inhibition is prevented immediately after an injury.

2. Our method is designed to treat the joints. Most chronic pain in the body comes from the joints, not the muscles. Our therapists apply precise treatment to mobilize the soft tissue surrounding the joints, and apply joint mobilization to ensure proper function.

3. Hendrickson Method helps to rehabilitate the nervous system. Our therapists are trained in an advanced system of neuromuscular rehabilitation called muscle energy technique. This strengthens weak muscles and reduces chronic tension patterns.

4. Our work is not painful to receive. In fact, it is profoundly relaxing. Both deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy can be very painful to receive, inadvertently stimulating the sympathetic nervous system — our “fight or flight” response –- which is not ideal for healing. Hendrickson Method therapists work within their client’s comfort level, by using gentle rocking motions and gentle touch. This engages the parasympathetic nervous system, which is the part of the nervous system responsible for repair and rejuvenation.


How will the training teach me to use “healing energy” during the treatment?

At the heart of Hendrickson Method is a unique massage stroke called Wave Mobilization® which was developed and refined by Dr. Hendrickson over the course of his more than thirty years of clinical practice.  Based on essential Tai Chi principles of energy healing, these strokes are performed in gentle, rhythmic oscillations that mimic the energetic flow of ocean waves.

Wave Mobilization therapy is simple, but it is not easy to learn; it requires patience and a great deal of practice. The reward, however, is the ability to achieve outstanding clinical results, as well as deep relaxation for the client and the therapist. By using “internal energy”, or “chi”, our students learn to become relaxed and supple. They learn to allow energy to move through them, rather than relying on muscular effort, which can lead to repetitive strain and injuries. Wave Mobilization therapy is akin to a “moving meditation” and leads to a process of “letting go” and an energetic opening for the therapist, as well as for the client. Our students report profound, positive changes in their daily lives from learning how to stay present and open and allowing more energy to move through them.


Is Hendrickson Method® stressful for the therapist to perform?

Traditional clinical modalities such as deep tissue work and trigger point therapy require a great deal of strength and are notorious for leading to practitioner injury and burnout. Hendrickson Method, on the other hand, teaches techniques and body mechanics that are easy on the practitioner’s body. Our practitioners don’t burnout or injure themselves and, as a result, enjoy prolonged and more comfortable and successful careers.


How much anatomy and physiology training is required before taking the Hendrickson Method Training?

This is hard to quantify since anatomy and physiology trainings vary and students come to the program with different levels of experience. We suggest that beginning students have a minimum of 25 hours of training, though we prefer that they have more. A good way to gauge your readiness for our program would be to read the first two chapters in the course textbook, Tom Hendrickson’s Massage and Manual Therapy for Orthopedic Conditions. See how comfortable you are with the information. We have also developed an “Anatomy Self Assessment” to help you evaluate your anatomy knowledge. Students who feel unsure of their knowledge of anatomy and physiology or who are interested in a review, can enroll in veteran Hendrickson Method practitioner Jim Donak’s advanced anatomy courses.  Please refer to his website: Diving Buddah Classes and Workshops for more information.


Do you offer a payment plan?

Students may pay for our 4-day modules individually or as a package. The payment options are detailed on this page. Please contact our school office at 510-524-3107 or school@hendricksonmethod.com with questions.


How can I experience a Hendrickson Method® session?

Call the Hendrickson Clinic at 510-524-8256 to make an appointment at our Berkeley office. Or go to our Practitioner Locator page to find a practitioner in your area. When you type in your zip code you’ll get a list of local Hendrickson Method practitioners along with a description of their services, training, and contact information.


I want to enroll in a class but anticipate scheduling conflicts. Can I miss any classes?

Hendrickson Method Certification students must attend at least 80% of scheduled classes and make up any classes missed through private tutorials, which are offered at an additional cost. Additionally, all students must attend the first Module, Manual Therapy for the Spine, before attending any other classes. Please contact our school office at school@hendricksonmethod.com or 510-524-3107 to request a copy of our course catalog, which includes more information about our policies.